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Weill Greenberg Center - Selma Ruben Conference Center

The most recent addition to the college's conferencing spaces, the Selma Ruben Conference Center opened in January 2007 with the launch of the Weill Greenberg Center at 1305 York Avenue. The Conference Center, located on the second floor, features three individual mid-sized conference rooms that can be unified into a larger space if needed. Modular tables can be reconfigured into a variety of arrangements, including conference and classroom styles. Ergonomic chairs can be found at the tables, while stationary chairs can be arranged along the wall to provide additional seating. The Conference Center is one of the most popular and flexible spaces within the college, and has been used for orientation sessions, grand rounds, conferences, galas, board meetings, and press conferences. Location: Weill Greenberg Center, 2nd Floor Seating: Rolling and stationary chairs; reconfigurable desks. Capacity: * Room A: 16 * Room B: 25 * Room C: 25 * Rooms A+B Combined: 50 * Rooms B+C Combined: 75 * Rooms A+B+C Combined: 150 Capabilities: * Video Projection * Videoconferencing (Room C only) * Wireless Internet Connectivity * DVD/VHS Playback

1305 York Avenue New York, NY 10021-5663

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Central Conference Room



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The Diane Goldman Kemper and Robin Kemper Multiple Sclerosis Wellness Seminar Series

“Food, Health, and MS: Making sense of the often overwhelming and confusing recommendations to eat well with Multiple Sclerosis” Speaker: Mona Bostick,...

3/29 6:30pm

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