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Event Calendar for Weill Cornell Medical College

June 13 - July 13, 2024

Tuesday, June 18

Single-Cell Replication Timing and Proliferation Dynamics of Genomically Unstable Cancers

Adam C. Weiner Tri-Institutional Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology and Medicine (TPCBM) Chairperson: Dr. Christina Leslie Major Sponsor: Dr. Sohrab...

Thursday, June 20

Role of iRhom2 in Olfaction: Implications for Odorant Receptor Regulation and Activity-Dependent Adaptation

Stephanie A. Azzopardi, M.D.-Ph.D. Student Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology Chairperson: Dr. Li Gan Major Sponsor: Dr. Carl Blobel Minor Sponsors:...

Friday, June 21

Co-Transcriptional Regulation of mRNA Modification N6-Methyladenosine (m6A)

Hui Xian Poh Molecular Biology Chairperson: Dr. Christine Mayr Major Sponsor: Dr. Samie Jaffrey Minor Sponsors: Dr. Yicheng Long and Dr. Stewart Shuman

Thursday, June 27

In Vivo Characterization of Keratinocytes in the Melanoma Microenvironment

Yilun Ma, M.D.-Ph.D. Student Cell and Developmental Biology Chairperson: Dr. Tuomas Tammela Major Sponsor: Dr. Richard White Minor Sponsors: Dr. Barbara...