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Whole-Brain Networks Invariant to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment Support a Trait-Like Representation of Depression

Alisha N. Dua, M.D.-Ph.D. Student Neuroscience Chairperson: Dr. Jonathan Victor Major Sponsors: Dr. Logan Grosenick and Dr. Conor Liston Minor Sponsor: Dr....

6/3 2pm
Epigenetic Regulation of Inflammatory NF-kB Target Gene Activation by JAK-STAT Signaling

Bikash Mishra Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis Chairperson: Dr. Franck Barrat Major Sponsor: Dr. Lionel Ivashkiv Minor Sponsors: Dr. Steven Josefowicz...

6/3 3pm
Elucidating the Complexin C-Terminal Domain Function in Neurosynaptic Regulation

Justine A. Lottermoser Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology Chairperson: Dr. David Eliezer Major Sponsor: Dr. Jeremy Dittman Minor Sponsors: Dr....

6/7 1:30pm
Investigating the Molecular Basis for the Diverse Pharmacological Outcomes of Abused Substances Binding to the Human Dopamine Transporter

Shana M. Bergman Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology Chairperson: Dr. Olga Boudker Major Sponsor: Dr. Harel Weinstein Minor Sponsors: Dr. Jeremy...

6/10 1pm
In Vivo Characterization of Keratinocytes in the Melanoma Microenvironment

Yilun Ma, M.D.-Ph.D. Student Cell and Developmental Biology Chairperson: Dr. Tuomas Tammela Major Sponsor: Dr. Richard White Minor Sponsors: Dr. Barbara...

6/27 10am

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