Uris Auditorium

The largest auditorium on the Weill Cornell campus, Uris Auditorium features classic amphitheater seating for up to 235 people. Uris Auditorium is the primary venue for major events such as grand rounds, seminars, and conferences.

Location: 1300 York Entrance
Capacity: 235
Seating: Fixed rows, with integrated per-seat desk.

Uris Auditorium is located directly inside the 1300 York entrance to the Medical College.

1300 York Ave., New York NY 10065

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Upcoming Events

Pediatrics Grand Rounds: Disability and Medicine: An Ethical Perspective

Presented by: Inmaculada de Melo-Martin, PhD, MS Professor of Medical Ethics in Reproductive Medicine Professor of Medical Ethics in Medicine Professor of...

2/20 8:30am
Medicine Grand Rounds: "Targeting inflammation in Cancer”

Jenny Chang, MD Emily Herrmann Chair in Cancer Research & Director, Cancer Center Professor of Cancer, Institute for Academic Medicine Full Member, Research...

2/21 8am
Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds- Mortimer D. Sackler Infant Psychiatry Grand Rounds

"Cognitive Control and the Development of Anxiety" Nathan A. Fox, Ph.D. Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Tisch Visiting...

2/21 11am
Live-cell Imaging and Gene Activation in Cancer

Thomas R. Cech, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor Director, University of Colorado BioFrontiers Institute Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Hosted...

2/21 4pm
Pediatrics Grand Rounds: Neuroblastoma: A Developmental Approach to Childhood Cancer

Presented by: Nina Schor, MD, PhD Chair, Department of Pediatrics and the William H. Eilinger Professor of Pediatrics Pediatrician-in-Chief, Golisano...

2/27 8:30am

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Interesting stories and insights. A treat to hear Dr. Besser!

Uris Auditorium

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