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Building the Lung: Surprises from A Rare Cell Type

Xin Sun, Ph.D. Pediatrics Professor University of California San Diego, CA Host: Dr. Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis

6/2 2pm
Transcriptional Programs Driving the Generation of Functional Innate-Like Lymphocytes

Barbara Kee, Ph.D. Pathology Professor, Cancer Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Systems Biology and Immunology Committee Chair University of Chicago,...

6/6 1:30pm
Exploiting the Metabolic Vulnerabilities of Drug-Resistant Cancer for Imaging and Therapy

Tim Witney, Ph.D. Molecular Imaging Lab Head Senior Wellcome Trust Research Fellow King’s College London Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences London,...

6/7 4pm
Cell Biology Program

"Lysosome Regulation and Lipid Signaling in Alzheimer's Disease" Hui Zheng, Ph.D. Director, Huffington Center on Aging Professor, Departments of Molecular...

6/30 2pm

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MSK - Zuckerman Research Center

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