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MSK - Memorial Hospital

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Molecular Biology Program

"Regulation of Programmed DNA Break Formation by Spo11 and Topoisomerase 2" Matthew Neale, Ph.D. Professor University of Sussex Genome Damage and Stability...

6/5 12pm
Developmental Biology Program

"Understanding Cis-Regulatory Motif Syntax in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells" Julia Zeitlinger, Ph.D. Investigator, Stowers Institute for Medical Research;...

6/11 1:30pm
Molecular Biology Program

"Exo 1 Acts as A Matchmaker Between Cdc5 Polo-Like Kinase and the MutLgamma Resolvase for Meiotic Crossovers" Valerie Borde, Ph.D. Team Leader Curie...

6/15 11:30am
Molecular Biology Program

"Dysregulation of Polycomb Repressive Complexes in Cancer" Peter W. Lewis, Ph.D. Associate Biomolecular Chemistry Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison...

6/26 12pm
Molecular Biology Program

"Specific Outputs from Promiscuous Chromatin Remodeling Machines" Jeffrey McKnight, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology University of Oregon, Institute of...

10/18 12pm

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MSK - Memorial Hospital

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