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"Neuroimmune Interactions Shaping Social Behavior"

Gloria B. Choi, Ph.D.
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory Investigator
MIT Associate Professor


Gloria Choi studies the interaction of the immune system with the brain and the effects of that interaction on neurodevelopment, behavior and mood. She also studies how social behaviors are regulated according to sensory stimuli, context, internal state, and physiological status, and how these factors modulate neural circuit function via a combinatorial code of classic neuromodulators and immune-derived cytokines, as part of the Progress in Neuroscience Seminar (PINS) series.


  • Choi, G.B., Yim, Y.S., Wong, H., Kim, S.D., Kim, H.J., Kim, S.W., Hoeffer, C.A., Littman, D., and Huh, J.R. (2016). The maternal IL-17a pathway promotes autism-like phenotypes in offspring. Science. 351(6276):933-9. PMID: 26822608
  • Yim, Y.S., Park, A., Berrios, J., Pascual, L., Soares, N., Kim, J.Y., Kim, S., Kim, H., Waisman, A., Littman, D., Harnett, M.T., Wickersham, I.R., Huh, J.R.*, and Choi, G.B.* (2017). Reversing behavioral abnormalities in mouse offspring exposed to maternal inflammation. Nature. 549(7673):482-487. PMID:28902835.
  • Reed, D.R. and Choi, G.B. (2018). I can’t watch: a genetic- and circuit-level investigation of observational fear learning. Neuron 98(3):462-463. PMID: 29723498.


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Contact Sophy Aguilar: sot2002@med.cornell.edu for Zoom details.

Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Weill Auditorium
1300 York Ave New York, NY 10065

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Brain and Mind Research Institute



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Gloria Choi

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