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"Discovery and Implications of Unique Human Cerebellar Developmental Programs"

Kathleen J. Millen, Ph.D.

Professor of Pediatrics University of Washington Seattle, WA

Associate Director, Center for Integrative Brain Research, Seattle Children’s Research Institute


Developmental disruptions of the cerebellum are a significant cause of human neurodevelopmental disorders, including Autism and Medulloblastoma. Mouse studies have been valuable to understand their pathogenesis. However, our recent large-scale genetic analysis of human cerebellar structural birth defects indicates multiple limitations of this model organism. I will present data from our ongoing morphological and molecular studies of normal and pathological human cerebellar development. I will specifically highlight our findings of significant temporal and spatial expansion of human cerebellar progenitor zones relative to other species. These have resulted in complete revisions of our previously mouse-centric models of human cerebellar developmental pathology.

Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

A-950 Auditorium
1300 York Ave New York, NY

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Brain and Mind Research Institute



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