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Monday, May 22

The Role of the Mre11 Complex in Oncogene-induced Mammary Tumorigenesis

Hexiao Wang Molecular Biology Chairperson: Dr. Andrew Koff Major Sponsor: Dr. John Petrini Minor Sponsors: Dr. Scott Lowe and Dr. Iestyn Whitehouse

Virtual Event
Inflammation-induced Cellular Plasticity in Pancreatic Homeostasis and Tumorigenesis

David Falvo Neuroscience Chairperson: Dr. Steven Josefowicz Major Sponsor: Dr. Rohit Chandwani Minor Sponsors: Dr. John Blenis and Dr. Todd Evans

Virtual Event
Neonatal Grand Rounds

"A Bench-to-Bench Approach to Necrotizing Enterocolitis" - Dr. Misty Good, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of North Carolilna

Monday, May 22