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Friday, March 31

Drug Development and Food & Drug Administration Regulations

This workshop provides an overview of the drug development process including GLP, GCP, and GMP processes. It is ideal for early stage investigators from...

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Kushal Dey, Ph.D. Headshot

Talk Title: Prioritizing Disease-Critical Variants, Genes, and Cell Types Using Genetic and Genomic Data Speaker: Kushal Dey, Ph.D. Assistant Member...

Alzheimer’s as a Disease of Protein-protein Interaction Networks Collapse — Implications for Treatment and Diagnosis

Gabriela Chiosis, Ph.D. Member and Tri-Institutional Professor, Program in Chemical Biology, Sloan Kettering Institute Faculty, Sloan Kettering Institute for...

Developmental Origins of Tissue Macrophages and Their Potential Role in Lupus Pathogenesis

Tomi Lazarov Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis Chairperson: Dr. Joseph Sun Major Sponsor: Dr. Frederic Geissmann Minor Sponsors: Dr. Michael Glickman...

Virtual Event

Friday, March 31