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Thursday, March 30

Photo of Dr. Pedro Herrera

Department of Medicine Division of Regenerative Medicine Guest Speaker: Pedro Herrera, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Genetic Medicine and...

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CTL@Weill Cornell Special Panel on Healthcare Data Commercialization

Big data technology and healthcare data promise exciting advances in healthcare, but what risks come with it? Join the expert panel to discuss the impact on...

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Leveraging C. Elegans Genetics To Understand Membrane-associated Machinery

Biochemistry and Cell & Developmental Biology Lecture Series presents: Gunther Hollopeter, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Dept. of Molecular Medicine Cornell...

The Educator’s Portfolio: When, Why, and How Should I Maintain One?

Speakers: Judy Tung, M.D., Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Alice Tang, M.D., Director for Hospital Medicine Faculty Development & Medical Education...

Virtual Event
Rockefeller Research Laboratories

Robert Johnston, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Biology John Hopkins University School of Medicine Balitimore, MD Host: Dr. Eric Lai Tea: 1:45 p.m.

Identifying Regulators of Human Pluripotency Using Comparative CRISPR Screening

Bess P. Rosen Cell and Developmental Biology Chairperson: Dr. Thomas Vierbuchen Major Sponsor: Dr. Danwei Huangfu Minor Sponsors: Dr. Effie Apostolou and...

Virtual Event
Progress in Neuroscience

“Mitochondrial control of pyroptotic cell death and links to Parkinsons Disease.” Heidi McBride, Ph.D. Professor, McGill University Department of Neurology...

Ophthalmology Grand Round

Topic: "Orbital Inflammation and Optic Neuropathy: the Hunt for a Cause" & "Revenge of the Membranes" Speaker: Lisa Koenig, MD & James Winebrake, MD If you...

Thursday, March 30