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Friday, February 10

Weill Cornell Medicine's First Benign Airway Disease Symposium: Airways Large and Small

Cardiothoracic Surgery is thrilled to invite pulmonology, thoracic surgery and otolaryngology specialists, as well as fellows and residents. Lecture...

VDAC, The Mitochondrial Beta Barrel Protein, Adds a New 'Fold' to the Field of Phospholipid Scramblases

Helene Jahn Biochemistry and Structural Biology Chairperson: Dr. David Eliezer Major Sponsor: Dr. Anant K. Menon Minor Sponsors: Dr. Stephen B. Long and Dr....

Virtual Event
An intermittent fasting mimetic drives plasticity via an adaptive ER stress-ATF4 pathway and elicits stroke recovery and Alzheimer’s resilience

Amit Kumar, PhD, Assistant Professor of Research in Neuroscience, Laboratory for Neural Redox Biology and Homeostatic Transcription, Burke Neurological...

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Raghu Chivukula

Raghu Chivukula, M.D., Ph.D. Instructor in Medicine Harvard Medical School Attending Physician Massachusetts General Hospital will present “Leveraging rare...

Regenerative Medicine Guest Seminar

All Are Welcome! Regenerative Medicine Guest Seminar Speaker: Michael M. Shen, Ph.D. Arthur J. Antenucci Professor of Medical Sciences Co-Leader, Tumor...

Friday, February 10