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Tuesday, January 24

Dermatology Resident Presentations

Topic: Resident Presentations Speaker: WCM Dermatology Residents Moderator: Laura Melnick, M.D.

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RFA 2023 Application Office Hours

The CTSC Education Team is available for one-on-one virtual meetings to assist you with your KL2, TL1, MS, or Advanced Certificate application. **You must...

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If you manage or are thinking of designing a course, knowledge checks can be an important way of ensuring learners are understanding your content. Online...

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Jacob Geri

Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Pharmacology Fall/Winter 2023 Seminar Series Jacob Geri, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacology Weill...

The Origins of N6-Methyladenosine (m6A) And the Effects of m6A on mRNA During Cellular Stress

Ryan J. Ries Neuroscience Chairperson: Dr. Christopher Lima Major Sponsor: Dr. Samie R. Jaffrey Minor Sponsors: Dr. Giovanni Manfredi and Dr. Alexandros...

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Tuesday, January 24