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Friday, May 21

Various Approaches in Minimally Invasive Cranial Neurosurgery

The future of neurosurgery is in minimally invasive techniques. This one-day course, directed by Dr. Theodore Schwartz and Dr. Mark Souweidane, is a...

Virtual Event
Linking Dynamics and Function in Glutamate Transporters at Single Molecule Resolution

HATICE DIDAR CIFTCI Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Chemical Biology (TPCB) Chairperson: Dr. Richard Hite Major Sponsor: Dr. Olga...

Virtual Event
BMRI Bedside to Bench Lecture

"Our Rare Journey with Malan Syndrome" Christal Delagrammatikas, PhD, Co-founder, Malan Syndrome Foundation

Virtual Event
Pulmonary Basic & Translational Research Conference

Shashi Kariyawasam, M.B.B.S. Fellow in Medicine Will Present: A novel immunotherapy target in non-small cell lung cancer

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Friday, May 21