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Wednesday, December 2

Cynthia Comella MD

Lecture Title: New and Emerging treatments for Parkinson Disease Cynthia Comella, M.D., FAAN Professor Emeritus, Neurological Sciences Rush Medical College

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 Ion channels and transporters behaving badly

Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology (PBSB) Seminar Series presents: Michael Grabe, Ph.D. Professor Department of Pharmaceutical...

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Appel Institute Forum on Neurodegeneration

Conformational Diversity of Pathological Proteins: Input from the intracellular environment

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Andreas Killen, Ph.D.

Richardson Seminar on the History of Psychiatry, Andreas Killen, Ph.D., CUNY

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Karen Akinsanya, Ph.D. Executive Vice President, Chief Biomedical Scientist, and Head of R&D  Schrödinger

On Wednesday, December 2nd at 4:00 P.M., Dr. Elaine Fuchs will interview Dr. Karen Akinsanya about her distinguished scientific career, her innovative and...

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Spine Time - Scoliosis

This week's Spine Time topic is "Scoliosis: What are the treatment options?" Dr. Michael Virk (Neurosurgery) will be hosting the session, which will feature...

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Wednesday, December 2