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Tuesday, January 14

Practical Neurology Updates

"Common Entrapment Neuropathies" Michael Rubin, M.D. Clinical Neurology Professor "Small Fiber Neuropathy: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment" Joshua Weaver,...

Dr. Avital Falk

Avital Falk, PhD Director, Weill Cornell Pediatric OCD, Anxiety, and Tic Disorders Program (POCAT) Assistant Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry,...

CSPα Oligomerizes via Fe-S Cluster Binding in Adult Onset Kufs Disease

Nima N. Naseri Neuroscience Chairperson: Dr. Frederick Maxfield Major Sponsor: Dr. Manu Sharma Minor Sponsors: Drs. David Eliezer and Gregory Petsko

Research Seminar

"Though Much is Taken, Much Abides: Finding New Antibiotics Using Old Ones" Mohammad Seyedsayamdost, Ph.D. Assistant Chemistry Professor Princeton...

Tuesday, January 14