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Friday, January 10

Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring

The objective of this program is to help prepare junior and senior faculty to be more effective research mentors. Sessions will be facilitated by experts in...

Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI) Work in Progress Seminar

“Hsp90, Epichaperome and Alzheimer’s disease” Wenjie Luo, Ph.D. Assistant Neuroscience Research Professor Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) BMRI

Synergistic Role of N-Myc Overexpression and RB Loss-of-Function in Driving Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer

Alyssa M. Bagadion Cellular and Developmental Biology Chairperson: Dr. Christopher Barbieri Major Sponsor: Dr. David Rickman Minor Sponsors: Drs. Yu Chen...

Friday, January 10