Weill Cornell Medicine Events


Tuesday, November 26

Pediatrics Grand Rounds: Genetic Diversity and Engaging Underserved Communities

Presented by: Eimear Kenny, PhD, MSc Founding Director, Center for Genomic Health Associate Professor of Medicine Associate Professor of Genetics and...

In Vivo Modeling of Myeloid Hematological Malignancies with Complex Karyotypes

Evangelia Loizou Cellular and Developmental Biology Chairperson: Dr. Ross L. Levine Major Sponsor: Dr. Scott W. Lowe Minor Sponsors: Drs. Omar Abdel-Wahab...

Research Seminar

"Protein-DNA and peptide-DNA nanotechnology" Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, School of Molecular Sciences Arizona State University,...

LGBTQ+ Mentorship & Networking

Foster mentoring relationships across all career stages and departments — medical student, resident, fellow and faculty walk-ins are welcome.

Tuesday, November 26