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Event Calendar for Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center

October 16 - November 15, 2019

Tuesday, October 22

Don't Fall: Take Care of Your Feet!

Bunions, hammer toes, wounds, toenail problems, walking speed, gait, length-of-stride, width-of-step, foot strength, foot pressure, diabetes, old injuries…....

Thursday, October 24

T.E.A.L. - Tell Every Amazing Lady (About Ovarian Cancer)

The CEO and Co-Founder of T.E.A.L., Pamela Esposito-Amery, will speak about this non-profit organization's programs focusing on providing support to ovarian...

Tuesday, October 29

What To Do About Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Bowel and/or bladder incontinence is a problem that many adults face, ranging from a problem of leakage to a full loss of control. The causes of...