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Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center

The Center's mission is to serve as a health information resource center for patients and families to encourage and enable them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

1305 York Ave., New York NY



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Pedestrian Safety After a Fall

Learn about pedestrian safety, what you can do to prevent a fall, what the consequences of a fall might be and when you should seek medical assistance if you...

9/24 2:30pm
What Is Precision Medicine?

The idea of personalized or precision medicine is not new. But what makes the field so exciting in the 21st century is that with our expanding knowledge of...

9/25 2:30pm
Overcoming Your Fear of Falling

Clinical Psychologist Nimali Jayasinghe returns to the Patient Resource Center to discuss the "paralysis" a fear of falling can create and to tell us what...

9/27 2:30pm
Do You Have Cataracts or Dry Eye?

The award-winning Dr. Ashley Brisette will speak about the latest treatments for cataracts and provide helpful information about the condition known as Dry...

10/2 2:30pm
Balance: Use It Or Lose IT

Is your balance not what it once was? Would you like to feel more steady on your feet? Naomi Azulay is a Physical Therapist certified as an Exercise Expert...

10/4 2:30pm

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