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Molecular Pharmacology and Chemical Biology Programs

“Discovery of PTP Inhibitors and Synthesis of Drug Relevant Compounds by C-H Functionalization” Jonathan Ellman, Ph.D. Eugene Higgins Professor of...

1/23 4pm
Computational and Systems Biology Program

"Why Nature Let Rube Goldberg Engineer the Cell's Chemical Dynamo - and Other Biophysical Insights Into Molecular Machines" Daniel Zuckerman,...

1/25 10:30am
Cancer Biology and Genetics Program

"Mechanisms of Cellular Decision Making in Chemotaxis and the Cell Cycle" Hee Won Yang, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Chemical and Systems...

1/29 10:30am
Cell Biology Program

"Matrix: Regulating Cell Migration in Cancer Metastasis" Jinseok Park, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar Yale Systems Biology Institute Department of Biomedical...

1/30 2:30pm
Computational and Systems Biology Program

"A Statistical Tour from Microbial Sequencing Data to Microbial Systems Ecology" Christian Mueller, Ph.D. Project Leader in Computational Statistics Center...

2/1 10:30am

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