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The Inaugural Appel Alzheimer's Disease Research Institute Symposium

This scientific symposium will be for the Appel Institute and will showcase our strength in AD research and development.

*Scientific Sessions (in alpha order): Costantino Iadecola, M.D., WCMC, "The Changing Landscape of Dementia: From Vascular Insufficiency to Neurodegeneration...and Back", Steven M. Paul, M.D., WCMC, "Alzheimer's Disease: From Genetic Risk Factors to New Treatments", Gregory Petsko, D.Phil., WCMC, "The Common Pathways of Neurodegenerative Diseases", Eric M. Reiman, M.D., University of Arizona, "Launching the Era of Alzheimer's Prevention Research", and Norman Relkin, M.D., Ph.D.,WCMC, "Alzheimer's Disease in the 21st Century"

Panel Discussion Moderated By: Matthew E. Fink, M.D., WCMC

Pre-Registration Required:
Please contact Emily Amilhussin to register or for questions. 646.317.7389 / ema2012@med.cornell.edu

Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Uris Auditorium
1300 York Ave., New York NY 10065

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