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Event Calendar for Belfer Research Building

March 22 - April 21, 2019

Wednesday, March 27

Drug Development and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations

This CTSC workshop provides an overview of the drug development process, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good...

Thursday, March 28

Medical Device Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Overview

This CTSC Workshop provides information from across a full range of medical device clinical trial activities. It is an ideal source of information for those...

Friday, March 29

Investigator-Initiated Trials and the Role and Responsibilities of the Investigator

This CTSC workshop provides an overview of the applicable regulations for Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs), including the role and responsibilities of...

Tuesday, April 2

Dermatology Grand Rounds

Andrew Avarbock, M.D., Ph.D. Weill Cornell Medicine Faculty Member John E. Harris, M.D., Ph.D. Visiting Professor

Friday, April 12

Tuesday, April 16

"Implications of Ribosome Heterogeneity at the Level of Ribosomal RNA Sequence"

CHAD MICHAEL KURYLO Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology Chairperson: Dr. Christopher Mason Major Sponsor: Dr. Scott...

Identification of Enhancer Hot Spots in a Rare Liver Cancer Reveals New Candidate OncoRNAs

The Meyer Cancer Center Cancer Biology Research Program presents: Praveen Sethupathy, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences Cornell University...

Wednesday, April 17

Convergent Evolution to A Stem Cell Phenotype in Epithelial Cancers

Meyer Cancer Center Seminar Series and Weill Cornell Medicine Prostate SPORE presents: Owen Witte, M.D. Director, UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research...